Part two of our exposé into everything hamstrings leads us to the deep, dark and depressing topic of hamstring injuries.

If you haven’t read or watched the previous posts, find them here (this link contains about 5 different pieces which are hamstring related) and here.

As for now – ONWARD!

The Quadrant of Doom is a theory that I stumbled across a little while back which nicely summarised what I had been thinking for a long while. Hamstring injuries are far more common when you have short AND weak muscles. In fact, you’re almost 10 TIMES more likely to get injured than if your muscles are long and strong.

The important thing to note here is the ‘and’. If you spend all of your time stretching to prevent injury, you are wasting your time – Period! If you truly want to prevent hamstring injuries, you must step into the ‘House of Iron and Gainz’ to achieve your goals.

I often get asked ‘Is there an optimal way to train your hamstrings?’. All secrets (which are freely accessible through a literature search…) will be revealed in part three!